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Ensure your business complies with HR legislation

Understanding, complying with, and keeping on top of the latest developments in employment law as it applies to your staff is a significant and constant pressure for any Company – large or small. With so much to consider, it’s easy to miss vital new legislation and changes to existing law that could affect your business.


The challenge is both to keep up-to-date with, and be prepared for all UK employment-related law (both actual and proposed) and aware of legislation originating from the EU as well as the changing legal precedents set by our higher courts.

Fortunately, Pisces HR can provide advice and insight with respect to every aspect of HR legislation, and guide you successfully through the employment law maze.

We can also put our knowledge into practice by producing appropriately worded correspondence for any people-related work issue. In addition, we can review or create written HR policies and procedures that not only complies with legislation but also reflect your Company’s culture. Being written in a straight forward manner, such documents will also be easier for your staff to understand and follow.


To ensure your business stays on the right side of vital employment legislation, simply

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Andrew's View

Lawyers may be able to offer you more exhaustive (and invariably more expensive) advice on HR legislation, but our clients value the fact that our in-depth understanding of the legal requirements is coupled with extensive experience of what actually works in a commercial environment.

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